About Us

Omafuru Foundation is a 100% non-governmental and non-profit organization. We rely solely on contributions from generous benefactors to carry out all our activities which ensure the children and youth in Nigeria are academically challenged and encouraged.

In line with our motto of providing the vantage step, we have established book clubs at various schools in Delta State, Nigeria and continued to engage young students in various exciting academic challenges like Spelling Bee competitions and book fairs on World Book Day each year. We are confident that this approach will be very effective in spurring them to achieve their potentials.

Over the years, we have recorded significant increase in student participation in our activities and we believe that the genuine enthusiasm they have always displayed will have a positive impact on them. Our essay competition affords them the opportunity to proffer viable solutions to key environmental issues and create awareness of the widespread environmental degradation in their communities.

We hope to develop champions in public speaking and environmental matters that will ultimately be able to educate their peers after proper research.

Our Believe

We believe strongly that education is the key to empowerment and our core values of hard work, knowledge, honesty, patriotism, creativity and sustainable environment form the bedrock of all the projects we execute. Omafuru Foundation stands firmly by its motto of providing the vantage step to inspire young people to achieve their potentials.

Our desire to address the poor reading culture in this part of the world led us to establish book clubs at various schools in Delta State, Nigeria and engage young students in other exciting academic challenges. We are confident that this approach will be very effective in spurring to greater heights.

From exposure to new ideas and cultures, boosting of imagination and creativity, improving focus, memory and concentration, expanding vocabulary and knowledge and exercising the brain, the benefits of reading cannot be overemphasized. Through our book club and library services, young students irrespective of their social or financial backgrounds go on exciting reading adventures that expose them to a broad spectrum of genres.

Who We Are

Omafuru Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to promoting academic excellence, hard work, creativity and the awareness of environmental sustainability among young students. To support our goals, we organize five main activities:

  1. Weekly (term time) Book Clubs
  2. Annual book fairs to mark World Book Day
  3. Annual essay writing competitions to mark World Environment Day
  4. Annual Spelling Bee competitions
  5. Annual Scholarship Scheme/Academic Awards

By increasing literacy rates, stimulating life-long learning and ensuring inclusive and quality education, our goals are well-aligned with, and have contributed significantly to, the fourth United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal of quality education for all. Through the provision of scholarships and sponsorship of academic awards, we have spurred students to greater academic standards and awakened a consciousness of the need to appreciate hard work and the quest for knowledge.