Speeling Bee

The Omafuru Foundation annual Spelling Bee for Senior Secondary Schools is geared towards helping students develop their vocabulary and improve their reading, comprehension, reasoning and public speaking skills. Participation is absolutely free and requires no financial commitment from the contestants or the schools they represent. 

This competition is very unique as it is designed to favour only students who read widely for pleasure. It is a four-round contest where we take the contestants through various fields including:

  • General Knowledge
  • History and Travels
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Politics

At the end of the fourth round, the winner is determined by the school with the highest number of points. In the event of a tie, an additional round is conducted to determine the winner.

To be eligible to participate, schools are required to fill and submit their Expression of Interest Forms to our office or via electronic mail. This is usually followed by the draws for the competition in December each year. At this ceremony, we randomly place the schools in four groups through a ballot system witnessed by delegates from the schools that have expressed interest to participate. This affords them enough time to prepare their contestants before they go on the Christmas break. The qualification rounds for the competition typically commences on the first week of resumption in January.

Participating schools are required to send TWO representatives that will work as a team during the contest where they will compete with other schools within the same group. The top school from each group will progress to the final.

Winners Since Inception

Ugbo Oghenekome and Alake Joy 

Winner 2020 Spelling Bee Competition | DSC Technical High School  Orhuwhorun

Aigbogun Favour and Ugbo Oghenekome 

Winner 2018 Spelling Bee Competition | DSC Technical High School  Orhuwhorun

Iriah  Joy and Sambo Purissima

Winner 2018 Spelling Bee Competition | Jenny School, Ekete 

Eyimofe Cyril and Ogah Ogheneochuko 

Winner 2017 Spelling Bee Competition | Federal Government College, Warri