A good story gets better if you have someone to share it with; and an avenue to share it with a group of people who have read it too, gives a wonderful experience. At Omafuru Foundation, we constantly strive to guide young people to imbibe essential values that will enable them achieve their potentials. For this mission to be successful, we recognize the need to help young people boost their reading fluency and develop their writing skills.

Our desire to address the poor reading culture in this part of the world spurred us to set up a book club in January 2016 with the DSC Model Primary Schools 1 & 3 as the first beneficiaries. We currently operate similar clubs at many other schools in Warri, Delta State. Through our interactive book reviews at the book club, students have expanded their vocabulary and greatly improved their knowledge, memory and concentration; this has reflected positively in other areas of their academics.

Discussions at our book clubs are facilitated by volunteers who create the right avenue for the children to discuss, ask questions and interact with their peers on topics relating to the book they have read. Through this medium we encourage team work and improve their conversation skills.  Students are motivated to complete their reading tasks and they benefit from our audio-visual presentations and creativity challenge that makes them better learners and pushes them to think critically.

Belonging to a book club like ours comes with endless benefits, and the beneficiary schools that take part in our weekly (term time) book club can attest to this. We provide the right platform for the students to broaden their horizon through in-depth discussions that allows them to assimilate different viewpoints expressed by their peers.