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We Strongly Believe Education is the key to Empowerment!

Over the years, we have recorded significant increase in student participation in our activities and we believe that the genuine enthusiasm they have always displayed will have a positive impact on them.

6+ Years Of Experience

Join the Community To Give Education For Children

We believe strongly that education is the key to empowerment and our core values of hard work, knowledge, honesty, patriotism, creativity and sustainable environment form the bedrock of all the projects we execute. Omafuru Foundation stands firmly by its motto of providing the vantage step to inspire young people to achieve their potentials.

Our Programs & Activities

Generating Genuine Enthusiasm in Academics

In line with our motto of providing the vantage step, we have established book clubs at various schools in Delta State, Nigeria and continued to engage young students in various exciting academic challenges like Spelling Bee competitions and Book fairs each year.
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Book Club

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Essay Competitions

We organize Essay Competitions every 6 months
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