Omafuru's Scholarship Program

Omafuru’s Scholarship program is a scheme which is designed to provide Academic-themed books and related resources to Secondary schools in cities around the country, while also providing children an opportunity to learn about the importance of the books.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

You can also download form here, fill and bring along with you to our office. In order to get access to our growing library of interesting and educative books, a student would need to fill a registration form and submit same to our physical office. After which, that student will be properly registered and eligible to begin borrowing books. Please see our terms and conditions on the registration form for joining our book club to receive our books.
We depend on donations to populate our library and we would be grateful for donations in this respect. If you have books you wish to donate to our library, kindly contact us to arrange for logistics of bringing those books to our library. You will be entered into our esteemed list of Partners of the foundation for any donations either in books, finance or any other means. If you wish to donate funds for us to purchase more books, you can now donate online.

How do I Join the Book Club?

You can join our book club by downloading the registration form on our website and submitting to our office.

What if I live in another city, can I join book club?

We are currently expanding our reach but unfortunately our book club membership is limited to residents of Warri and its environs.

Previous Beneficiaries